Dear Neil,

I wanna thank you for your ‘Beautiful Noise’.Every time I watch the Hot August Night/NYC DVD I’m delirious with joy as it brings back so many emotions and wonderful memories. Saw you last year in Cologne,Germany for the first time and it was a dream of a lifetime.I was moved to tears by ‘I am I said’ and ‘Hell Yeah’.
Your beautiful music reaches deep to my heart and my soul and I love it, love it, love it. No other music can do this for me!
So – thank you so very much for being such a talented songwriter and performer and for being such a likeable and thoughtful person. I’m looking forward to your next album.
Wish you health and happiness and PLEASE COME BACK TO GERMANY if there is another tour sometime – we love you!
God bless you.
Kind regards, Christine from Germany.

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