Beautiful Noise by fairlady

Around 1974, in Houston, Tx. I was a busy mom, three children, my 15 year old son called down to me and said “Mom, don’t you want to listen to some good music while you’re cleaning. Sure, I said. Up came the volume and away I went into the world of “Neil Diamond” and his music. Needless to say, Neil, you have been in our lives every since. Now, 28 yrs later living in Austin, Tx. have attended several concerts thru the years, many times going to N. C. & other states to share the joy with my sisters. Your concert albums are treasured as they along with my many albums, keep the memories alive. My husband, who also enjoyed your music, looked very much like you, unfortunately he passed away July 9, 2009. Will miss sharing your music with him. We always carried our albums with us on our road trips. Again, THANK YOU, keep the beautiful noise coming. fairlady, Austin, Texas 9/25/2009

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