And The Singer Sings His Song

Thank you, Neil, for a wonderful performance at Madison Square Garden. I was at your concert with some of my friends on 8/12/08, and (as usual) you did not disappoint. Inasmuch as my eye was in the viewfinder of my camera during practically the entire concert, I managed to overcome my eagerness of taking photos (hoping to capture every moment), by reminiscing the wonderful sound of music and song which I have been familiar with for a good part of my life. From a performer who withstood adversity, the rigorous nature of his environment and celebrity status, we have come to realize the amazing talent which this man has shared with all of us through song and music. Many thanks go out to the band as well, and all of it’s members throughout the years. The “sound of music” produced by this magnificent group of people goes beyond saying. Culminated by the “Hot August Night/NYC” DVD (which I am hopefully a part of), who could ask for anything more! And the singer sings his song,
And the children dance along,
And the singer sings his song,
And we dance along.

Thanks, again, Neil Diamond!!!

Alex R. Westner

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