A Gift For Us — A Legacy To Share

Not only have you given your fans a most marvelous gift of having your great 2008-9 concert tour, but you have provided us with something special we can give to our family and friends to say “Remember Me and the Music I Love.” A touching post here by a fan said he would always remember his late Dad when he gave him the gift of your music which they shared in life. Your music is now the son’s tribute to his father.
My husband is a Brooklynite like you, and his first son was born there also. We all attended your concert in Philly together. Now we know how to give his 3 boys something that will always be a part of us, a way to remember the good times…your DVD/CD as a keepsake, from our mutual Brooklyn years (splendid video!) to your music that we loved through the years (and they consider special, too!). Thank you, thank you, thank you!

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