The Journey Has Begun Part II

From the time I was a little girl, the radio station that was on continously in our house was WELI 960 Am, it had a terrific blend of news, music, and commentaries. Every morning Ron Rohmer would be on beginning at 5 and ending around 11 am, I knew of all the djs and had even encountered some growing up. On an early Monday morning while eating cereal, Ron announced the Neil Diamond contest, I listened eagerly as he outlined the rules: snippets of 10 of Neils songs would be played, caller #10 would name all the songs in order and the prize would be won. I tuned in throughout the next few days as caller after caller fumbled all the songs up. I tried to get through knowing that I didnt have all the songs, but maybe I could get something ANYTHING Neil ANYWAY. By Friday, I knew 9 out of 10 songs thanks to the continous stream of people who couldnt get all the songs in the right order. The last caller of the day had all the songs but ONE in order. I caught my breath in my throat, I KNEW ALL THE SONGS NOW!! I waited anxiously for the weekend to end and then Monday morning I got out of bed before my parents left for work (that surprised them because I was a college student on vacation!) and nervously dialed when Ron told me to. My dad went outside to feed the horse, my mom went into her room with a cup of coffee. I kept calling and calling and each time Id hear ” youre number 2″ or “youre caller 6” or the phone would be busy. FINALLY, Ron answered and said “Youre caller 10, who do we have here?” I told him my name and that I lived in Guilford, he said “Okay Sharon, do you think you know all 10?” and I shakily gave him all 10 songs in order. He yelled “CONGRATULATIONS Sharon you are our GRAND PRIZE WINNER in our DIAMOND SWEEPSTAKES. My mom screamed in the other room (she had the radio on there too), my dad came into the house saying “What happened What happened” I was still on the phone with Ron listening stunned to my list of prizes, after getting off the air, Ron asked me my address and told me to come down to the station. I hung up the phone and cried happily and was shaky. The grand prize consisted of the following: a pear shaped diamond ring, a Neil Diamond Columbia Record Anthology Collection, a limosine ride and seating for 2 to Neils concert in MADISON SQUARE GARDEN!!! The tickets were hand delivered to my house by Chuck Kelly (a super nice DJ). Unfortunately, I wasnt dating anyone at the time, so yes I admit, I went to a very romantic concert in NYC with… my big brother. The seats werent all that great, I am glad I brought my binoculars (Sherry, I kept them focused on where you would be proud of me!) I bought a t-shirt (long since gone since I wore it to death), and the limo driver got lost on the way home, but thats okay, we had fun! In the 20 years since that concert, both of my parents have gone and the house in Guilford has had 2 more owners, but my love for Neils music has undergone a metamorphosis. Thanks to Eydie, Iris, and Jean, Ive discovered a phenomenal group of people whom I am so proud to call my friends.

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