The Generosity Of A Legend

On February 14, 2007, I lost my father to liver cancer. He was only 66. I wrote to Neil shortly afterward, expressing my sadness for my loss and my thanks for the music that both my father and I always found comfort in.

Three weeks afterward, I received a small envelope in the mail without a return address and a Colorado postmark on it. I forgot Neil had a cabin there, so immediately I thought, ‘Who do I know in Colorado?’

When I pulled the card out and saw the sepia frog king logo on it, I knew right away. I will not share the words Neil wrote to me here. Not because I am being selfish, but because they were only meant for me. I will tell you though, they were very heartfelt and very touching.

Those words on that nice card are now protected under plastic on the first page of my Neil Diamond scrapbook, one I’ve been working on endlessly since 1981.

I don’t know what else I can say to Neil Diamond at this point except ‘Thank you for your kind words.’ That card helped heal me from my loss more than anyone will ever know.

Neil truly cares about his fans from the stage and off. It is for this reason more than others that I have a new respect and passion for his music and his generosity.

My father is smiling down on Neil now for that gesture of kindness and on me because he knows those words helped heal me and I truly believe his spirit had something profound to do with recieving that card from Neil.

I just needed to share this with Neil and all of you.

Thank you Neil. You truly are one of a kind. With emphasis on KIND.

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