Neil’s Visit to OI

Just a day after Neil Diamond’s Oct. 14 concert in Houston (which I joyfully attended), he quietly came to hurricane-ravaged Oak Island Texas.
During his tour of the smal community, he saw our church’s business meeting, held o/s because our church was also devastated by the storm surge.
He stopped his driver, telling him to pull in.
Mr. Diamond, some Houston notables as well as some county officials, pulled in.
We knew the local poeple, but didn’t know who “the older guy dressed in black” was.
He walked across the yard and took a chair as we sat in a cirle o/s the ruined church.
I began to realize who the man was and after hearing his announcement to help OI during the concert, knew why he was there.
I contained myself tho, and limited my glee to a small wave, which he did not acknowledge in his quest for anonymity.
A few of the other women realized who he was, but we kept very low-key as we discussed the somber details of cleaning up and rebuilding our community.
After our meeting, a few more people in our small congregation walked up to Mr. Diamond and then it was my turn to meet the man I have adored for 40 years!
I had gone to the car earlier and quietly gotten my camera, and a friend of mine had the presence of mind to take my pix with this great and humble man.
I also took a few with other ladies for them to cherish – one bright spot after their homes were ruined by Ike.
Mr. Diamond, is, indeed, planning to help our community. I understand he plans to send down sturdy-built modular homes, the count depending on how generous ND fans are during upcoming concerts.
It was ABSOLUTELY my dream of a lifetime to meet Mr. Diamond and to know he has the giant heart to help such a needy community.

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