Neil’s Presence and Color

Eydie’s lovely entry regarding Neil’s aura reminded me of an experience I had in Indianapolis on the day after the concert in 2005. I searched through the IAIS archives and found my post, so I’m just copying the relevant part here. I googled colors but I couldn’t find anything relating to what I saw, only ones that spoke of blue and green separately.

“Lobby call”, Indianapolis, Indiana on December 10, 2005.

Neil and Rae came…Neil stopped to greet some, touch a few hands…when he came past about 5 of us, we planned on the count of 3 (and I had to count, the woman with no sense of “beat”) and shouted (kindly shouted), “Hell Yeah”. That got a smile from Neil. This was the closest I have ever been to Neil. He walked right past me so close I could have counted the whiskers on his face. You will think me daft (but since you do already) when I tell you this next part. I often feel very mystical and sense energies etc in the air around me. As he walked by, I sensed a blue and green mist, transparent around him but it reached out enough that it enveloped me as he walked by. It was a very spiritual, a very peaceful sensation yet at the same time felt somewhat aloof. I sensed that the peacefulness was his heart. Rae was next to him and there was an intermingling between them that I felt. She has such a beautiful presence…I can feel that she has a beautiful soul. I was moved to tears. It was perhaps one of the most poignant moments of my life…that I actually “felt” awed by Neil’s talent without him being on a stage performing. I took a few moments to ponder the wonderful God that blessed him with such talent.

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