It’s here tonight i will be seeing neil diamond in concert once more & like all the times before i can’t wait .We are at the arena for when the doors open at 630 we have a walk around i buy two ‘tour tee shirts a im a believer cap and a programme.We make our way to uor seats im like a cat on hot bricks .Then ‘those magic words seem to come out of noware Good eveing ladies and gentlemen welcome to the neil diamond show .Then ‘the lights go down the music starts and the great man is there in all is glory singing his ‘heart out AMERICA he takes us on a journey that is mind blowing all the hits are there as ‘always and its over the man as gone we leave the arena .We take a wrong turnning all of a sundden i see a crowd we are now at the back of the arena just outside the dressing rooms .I say to margie lets wait a minute to see if we can catch one more glimps of neil .After about twenty minutes i say to margie come on lets go margie says you have wated this long just wait a little longer .Then neil comes out and waves to ‘the crowd hang on he is coming over omg will i get to shake is hand i keep saying to margie he’s not going to come this far up .At this point an AMERICAN voice says to me just stay were you are dear neil will come and say hello to everyone ive seen it so many times before and she is right a few more minutes pass and neil is stading in front of me .I SHAKE IS HAND AND SAY IVE JUST SHOOK HANDS WITH GOD neil looks at me and smiles i say sorry i mean in a musical sence neil then says thank you would you like me to sign yor ticket oh yes please will you sign my programme as well mr diamond i ask and he does so oh what a night .Neil spent almost a hour with is fans that night and it will live with me ontill my dying day .Thank you neil and i woul like to thank the AMERICAN lady for telling me to stay put i dont know who she was but if i seen her to day i would give her a big hug and maybe a big kiss as a thank you ,Because if she had not told me to stay i would have missed out on meeting the greatest singer’songwriter & showman ever one MR NEIL LESLIE DIAMOND .frankmc

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