I had bever been to a Neil Diamond concert before. I managed to get tickets for our National Stadium – Hampden Park,Glasgow.Scotland.
It poured from the heavens for the whole concert!! Nobody cared, as, Neil made sure that everybody partied on right through the night-in that magical storm. Thought the audience was going to explode with delight when Neil draped our Scottish Saltire around his shoulders. Neil IS truly adored,as, Scotish people are fiercly proud of tradition and this gesture happens very rarely.It is reserved for THE best!
I loved this concert so much, that, I flew to Cardiff later on in the week to see Neil. Another wonderful night!!( We were the noisy crowd-front right stage!!)
I am now TOTALLY hooked on Neil and pray that he will tour again soon.
Thanks Neil for that wonderful night in Glasgow. Whenever it rains now,despite how cold it is,I think of that night at Hampden Park, smile and keep those very fond memories of the concert and the after party, that, carried on after the concert, throughout the City of Glasgow, in your honour. Then,all of a sudden,the day seems better already and the world, a better place.Love you Neilxx

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