How your music has helped me By Shilousa Charlene

In 2005 I found out I had colen cancer and had to have surgery. Well after hearing that I was devosated because I found out in May of that year and the 2005 tour was comming to columbus and Cleveland in August. I had allready purchased my tickets and was a mess. I went to the Dr. and told him that I was planning on going to the Neil Diamond concerts in August. Turns out he is a Neil fan too and he told me that I would be going to the concerts in August and I did. My surgery was done and while I was in the hospital I had my CD player with me and listened to Neils music all the time and I had his pictures all over my hospital wall. My surgeon came in every day and saw the pics and said don’t worry you will be at those concerts and I was. I was told to have a goal and my goal was to be at the concerts and I just want to say that Neil helped me threw all that and I am greatfull for his music. If he only knew how much he has helped me in the past and is helping me now with things. He just touches your soal and I will always be greatfull to his music, especially JLS. thanks Neil Love ya.

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