Hello Again

…I have taken N.D. with me whereever I have been for the last 35 odd yrs…being military means he and I have traveled alot together. I do not use the traditional method to bring him along….his lyrics have lingered with me through good times and especially bad times. He has stayed consistant even as I seemed to be falling apart on many occassions. Each new lyric has always had words in them especially for me. Three bouts of the big “C” word almost put me under yet, each time he pulled me out of the grips of death with his voice…His kindness through words and voice sustained me to hold on and not give up or be down as tomorrow is a new day…his lyrics are poetry to me …he and God alone spoke to my heart and showed that tomorrow is a bright new song to be sung in the early morning light….with more lyrics to come…he wrote the songs and sang them….I survived…Thank you manchild of mine…In your debt…hugs from afar

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