A Hot August Night in Columbus Ohio, 2005

I have met some of the most special friends on the IAIS board, and feel very blessed to have been able to continue the connections to this day. I did not think that I would be attending a Neil concert in 2005, as our oldest daughter got married in Sonoma, and my husband was re-diagnosed w/cancer, which had spread to his liver and lung, but with the constant encouragement from my IAIS friends, Becky, Sandy, Sherry and later on, Kate, I decided to take the plunge and go to Columbus. My husband said ok, and I made sure it was a weekend he wasn’t on a chemo treatment. Sherry and I took off from St Louis, probably drove all the passengers on the plane batty – but hey, we were excited. Finding a cab and getting to the hotel was interesting (sherry did not drive) – there I met other fans, Eydie, kate, Caroline, Pat, and others some who I have kept in touch with through the years. AND, the ABSOLUTE HIGHLIGHT OF THE EVENING WAS THAT I SAT ON THE FRONT ROW. I have never been close before or since- it was an experience I will forever cherish, and be thankful to a special friend. The excitement of just being in the building can’t really be described fully. I was in total awe of the band the next day at bus call, and wished I had been able to get closer to the front to see Neil up close and personal, but I was there and it was great. It was a weekend to remember with fondness and smiles.

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