A Day at The View

it was october 18th 1998 – my goodness 9 years ago – The View had wanted an audience of only Neil Diamond fans – a friend of mine had gotten 4 tickets for us to go – our other friend had made us shirts that read NEIL NUTZ on them – we were told the taping was going to be at 2:30 and to line up outside around noon – but of course being neil diamond fans most of us were there by 9 am – the producers came out and handed out cards for us to write questions on – when she saw our shirts she asked us about them and we told her how we had met on the internet by being neil diamond fans and that that was the first time we had met in person – well she said to us – you guys gotta tell neil that story – we were taken inside before the rest of the crowd and seated in the audience – we had to decide who was going to be the talker – no one wanted to so of course me being the shy one it was decided that i would do the talking and tell neil our story – when it came to our turn joy behar came up into the audience took one look at me and said this one would probably throw her bra at you.

Embarrassing yes funny yes – anyway i told neil our story – he was amazed – the show then went to commercial – all of a sudden Neil comes up into the audience he puts both his hands on my face and plants a great big kiss on me right on the lips – after neil’s kiss my heart was beating so fast and hard that i thought it was going to pop out of my chest – i actually don’t remember a thing of the show after that kiss – i remember how soft his hands were and soft the kiss actually was and how wonderful neil smelled – when i watched the tape of the show when i got home i didn’t know that they were going to show what happened during the commercial break – so millions of people saw neil kiss me on national tv
that was also they day that i met for the first time so many people who i had known just thru the internet – Neil has brought so many of us together and these friendshiips last a life time – Neil friends stick by you thru the good and bad times – there is nothing like neil friends.

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