33rd Anniversary of my 1st Neil concert!!!!

Posted by Aussie Gem 2009-02-27 19:55:24.0

I meant to post this last night Melbourne time, but though I’d been thinking about it during the day I forgot to actually post!!! Anyway, it’s still Friday 27th pm over there in the US, and I was still pretty high from the concert at this time on the Saturday
It was Neil’s first visit to OZ as most of you would know and I’d had my tickets in my hot little hands since just before Christmas – here’s the poem I wrote about how I came to be a fan and the awesome 1st concert night


Way back in the early 70’s, the Beatles were riding high,
Rockin’ Elvis was still ‘The King’, and Cliff was making us sigh.
The Big ‘O’ had such a wonderful range, the Beach Boys were surfing a wave,
Ricky Nelson was a ‘Travellin’ Man’, and Bob Dylan didn’t shave!!

And then the radio stations, started playing ‘Sweet Caroline’,
‘Cherry Cherry’ and ‘Cracklin’ Rosie’, were getting me feeling just fine.
And the record stores had posters, of a sexy looking gent,
With long hair and eyes that followed me, everywhere I went.

Neil Diamond on a ‘Hot August Night’ with a voice that stirred my heart,
The words of his songs, and the music he wrote, were wonderful pieces of art.
I played the album over and over, when the family was gone for the day,
The chores were a breeze while Neil was singing, and all worries drifted away.

Soon I found ‘Rainbow’ an album of covers, and I wanted to hear so much more,
Why hadn’t our Aussie radio stations, promoted such talent before.
I searched the shops for albums, and bought from wide and far,
And recorded them onto audio tapes, so I could listen to Neil in the car.

In early December of ’75, an announcement that set me aglow,
Neil was coming to Melbourne, to put on his Travelling Show!!!
The tickets were safe in my keeping, before the end of the year,
In Feb we would go to the Music Bowl, and all of Neil’s songs we would hear.

It was a beautiful balmy evening, as we all crowded into the Bowl,
Waiting to hear those fabulous sounds that we knew would stir the soul.
The seating was only at the front, the grass was where we’d all sit,
But we were there with Neil, and so, nothing else mattered a bit.

He sang all the songs I’d grown to love, and even though we were so far away,
And couldn’t see those wonderful eyes, we could hear all he had to say.
When he asked us to join in on ‘Song Sung Blue’, and picked first this group, then that,
I stood and sang with everyone, no-one noticed my singing was flat!!

Our Moomba festival fireworks, could be seen as Neil sang in the night,
Adding a beautiful background of stars, to our Diamond shining so bright.
Many years, many songs, and several more shows, have been greatly enjoyed since that time,
And Neil, you still shine, and your songs still entwine, all our souls with their rhythm and rhyme.

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