My Time With You

A little quiet conversation in the night,
I need my time with you.
It always seems to make the day turn out alright.
It’s easy when I’m here with you.

And when life is hard to understand,
You reach out for the hand
Of someone who believes in you.

And when I’m sure I’m not worth anything at all,
I need my time with you.
When we’re together, all those troubles look so small.
When nothing seems real,
Then I need my time with you.

Hard time city lights shine all over the sky.
Don’t you know in a dog eat dog world,
We need each other to survive.
I got to know if they storm the walls,
I’ll have you by my side.

I turn the page and see another restless day.
I’ll need my time with you.
To keep believing ’til tomorrow fades away
Takes only that moment with you.

It’s never easy when you got to keep it goin’
And your back’s against the wall.
As every dreamer knows,
It doesn’t really matter
If you rise or if you fall.
You can hand it all
To someone who believes in you
And cares for you,
And shares that time with you.

I need and I want
And I love my time with you.
I need my time with you.

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