Milwaukee, WI - Bradley Center

Apr 09, 2015

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  1. Stream of consciousness.. My front row seat at Neil Diamond’s Milwaukee concert was awesome. I was at the very outside edge on the right as you look at the stage… Outside aisle. What was really great about that was I could stand and dance through the whole concert without blocking anyone’s line of sight. And I did! I think I only sat down through three songs. I believe I was the only person in the arena standing through “Nothing But a Heartache,” but I love that song and just wanted to sway along with it.

    The biggest surprise of the night was Neil doing “We.” He has not done that song at all on this tour! I loved the way Neil wove the oldie big hits together with three songs from “Melody Road,” sings from the Rick Rubin era. I loved them all!

    The band was awesome as always and it was great fun to be able to watch Hadley Hockensmith boogie while he was playing guitar. He’s got some great dance moves! Julia Waters-Tillman and Maxine Waters Willard were beautiful to watch as always. Most of the rest of the band were further from my line of sight, but they all were spectacular. Loved the band intro during “Cherry, Cherry,” which allowed them all a chance to showcase their awesome talent. Neil works with nothing but the best.

    Neil was in great voice and moves so beautifully. After “Sweet Caroline,” he stood soaking in the love from the crowd for a good minute, as if he’d never experienced anything like it.

    “Brooklyn Roads” made me laugh and cry… Laughing and smiling at the home videos and crying as I relate to the emotions of things changing and missing those beautiful memories of younger days with family. We are in the process of selling our family home and it is a very emotional time for me… so this was especially poignant.

    I was really happy Neil played “Heartlight” because Robin Cranney Jung wanted to hear it so badly. Halfway through the song, someone came up behind me and gave me a big bear hug. It was a very happy Robin, who was sitting two seats behind me.

    It was a very joyful, moving concert.

    When everyone put up their cell phones (I think that was what they were using) to urge Neil to come back for the encore, it was a beautiful sight. I have never seen anything like it. At the time, I wondered where everyone got the lights… now it think it was cell phone “flashlights.” I have to learn how to keep up with technology! LOL. It was very moving to look around and see that. I guess they turned on their heart lights, even though most of them probably didn’t know that’s what Neil would do for a finale.

    Thanks to NDRRT for the spectacular show and to all my friends who were able to experience this with me. We don’t have much chance to see each other these days, so that time was especially precious.


  2. Milwaukees concert was just awesome, a fantastic job by the crew and the band, and the sisters who did a fabulous job on singing!!!
    Neil at 74 really amazed me with his voice and his talent, to strumming his guitar to Hadley and Doug doing theirs. It was magical for me sitting in 3rd row sitting behind Ginny and her friends from front row, it was just amazing too hard to express so much and to write so much about it! Its hard to describe, the HEARTLIGHT song after the encore was a HUGE surprise for me, all I did was scream when Neil started singing it and me dancing up and down and hard as I can.
    He is so good, so good! I hope he tours Milwaukee again, because he made this FAN a DIAMOND goer as long as he keeps on touring



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