Washington, DC - Verizon Center

Apr 04, 2015

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  1. The D.C. concert was great, with lots of energy from both Neil and the audience. The crowd was with him from the start and he gave 100%. I loved being in the risers by the front of the stage. We were four rows up and had a perfect view, and Neil came over to the sides a lot. I think these are my new favorite seats! His voice was fantastic and I loved seeing him having such a good time on stage. His good wishes for Easter and Passover were very nice and appreciated. My 30-year-old daughter couldn’t believe I wouldn’t be home for Easter this year and then she and her fiancé ended up going to the concert, too, and quickly forgave me! Perfect concert from start to finish. So good, so good, so good 🙂



  2. I’m a Believer
    Love on the Rocks
    Hello Again
    Play Me
    Pretty Amazing Grace
    You Got to Me
    Kentucky Woman
    Solitary Man
    Red Red Wine
    Beautiful Noise
    If You Know What I Mean
    Brooklyn Roads
    Nothing But a Heartache
    In Better Days
    The Art of Love
    Forever in Blue Jeans
    Cherry, Cherry
    Holly Holy
    I Am … I Said
    Cracklin’ Rosie
    Sweet Caroline
    Brother Love’s Traveling Salvation Show



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