Washington, DC - Verizon Center

Jun 14, 2012

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  1. * NOTE – Two parts to this: (1) My initial thread starter post, followed by: (2) my response to my long-time, dear friend, Linda Radel, who wanted to know why my review was so short. Here goes . . .

    Subject: I loved the show last night. It simply had a great feel.

    I’m not sure how to describe it, but the show just felt right. It had a nice pace and I loved the little bits of chatter Neil did – some very funny and some touched my heart.

    It was a very nice little trip from Norfolk and I made a new friend. Didn’t get to meet the people who were meeting for dinner, but I did see a friend who I’d traveled with in 70s and 80s who I hadn’t seen for years since he moved away from my area. That was a special touch.

    I just went expecting . . . oh, I don’t know – expecting Neil to work his magic, and as always, work he did.

    Needless to say, I’VE BEEN THIS WAY BEFORE made me cry. This is just a heart-breaker for me, and I hate the lights coming up with my mascara somewhere around my knees. I don’t cry like Demi Moore, unfortunaely. ha.

    My tickets were 3rd row, section 3 – on the aisle next to the center section (2).

    The show was just as it’s been billed – the oldies, and Neil gave them great respect. You gotta love that about him – no medleys; it’s always the full song.

    Anyway, just wanted to share a quick blurb or two. It was fun. He made me laugh out loud and he made me cry. WHAT’S NOT TO LOVE IN THAT? ha.

    — — — —

    Subject: I think you just told me that I’m . . .

    . . . an overly long-winded old broad. ha.

    Well, you know me – I always long for the moment that brings me back. If I’m playing golf, it’s that shot that never worked before and suddenly does, to my total amazement.

    And, with Neil – I always wait for that moment that brings just the little something extra to remind me ‘why I’m still sitting in that audience,’. Face it; we know the songs, we’ve sung them a bazillion times, and we’ve watched Neil do them a bazillion times for us. So, I need that moment that grabs me because when it doesn’t happen I won’t be back.

    Maybe it’s something he says, and maybe it’s a song. Last night it was the talk about the Vietnam war era before GLORY ROAD. It’s not the first time he’s said those things before the song, but with the band playing the music to the song, quietly, and Neil talking about it, I was moved. And, then there’s that line – “Looking for something, knowing that it ain’t here where I’m at.”

    Some might say I was ‘manipulated’. Well, I don’t care – whatever works, is what I say.

    And, I guess it’s the obvious with I’VE BEEN THIS WAY BEFORE. It’s makes me cry every damned time I hear it. I love it – love it – love it; but, it gets to me.

    The good thing is that it brings me back time after time after time. If not those songs, other songs; other little chatty moments.

    It’s a harsh world we live in these days. No one is kind with their words to each other any more. And, that dear fellow we’ve loved for so long just knows how to twist a lyric and a melody to work the magic . . . Maybe it just seems like magic, since for a couple hours we aren’t arguing over everything under the sun.

    We let people dance in front of us because they’re having a good time. We watch them dancing and remember doing it ourselves and we smile for their sense of fun.

    No one yells ‘down in front’ when two people stand for the entirety of a song. The people not yelling ‘get it’ that this is just OUR WAY at that moment of being a part of it all. I was one of those folks standing and I can’t help but think how kind and gentle we can be for two hours when the lights are down, but in the light of day, we harp, we degrade, we yell, we say the most vile things and we hurt people for no real, flippin’ reason.

    That was part of what was on my mind the entire trip home. I had the car to myself to sing and boo-hoo if so moved. And, I couldn’t stop thinking about how so many people can be so kind and generous with people standing in front of them, yet will tell you how stupid you are if give a guy a dollar on street corner. People are always asking why things have changed so much. ‘Things’ haven’t changed – we’ve changed. We’ve become mean. And, it seems like only for a couple hours under special conditions with someone twisting our hearts can we be kind.

    Aren’t you sorry you asked, Linda. You know me. I’m seldom myself after a Neil show. I always leave with something on my mind.

    Geesy-peesy … all that from a Neil concert. Well, whatever it takes, I say. I wish I did ‘indepth prose’, but it’s not. It’s just sappy blather.

    The good news is that there’s someone with a song who can bring on the sappy blather. I always look for the reason to go back, and I don’t think it has a darned thing to do with how long the show is, or what the set list is. I think in the case of Mr. Neil Diamond, it’s what he brings to the night, and what he evokes from us.

    This is a rambling mess. Sorry.

    What say you?


    Sorry that was so long – I really must be an overly long-winded old broad. ha. Jane



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