Indianapolis, Indiana - Conseco Fieldhouse

Nov 18, 2001

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  1. Neilfantoo
    Wed Nov 21 19:02:58 2001

    I was really disappointed that the Indianapolis Star did not have a review of the concert. It was the the best concert he has done in Indy for a while. I thought he was in great form–sound was great (which last time at Conseco there were complaints–maybe the end stage has something to do with that-I don’t know). His voice was strong, solid and the band was great–as always. My favorite part was YesI will/ Lady Magdelane–awesome!! He just seems so comfortable on stage–like he was made to be there–imagine that:-)!! To all of you that have a concert to look forward to–you are in for a treat!! I couldn’t have been more pleased when I went!!


  2. Sherry
    How to you begin to express…
    Mon Nov 19 00:34:33 2001

    how one feels while at a NEIL DIAMOND concert???
    There are not enough ADJECTIVES to describe the feeling!!
    Indy ALWAYS has an APPRECIATIVE and LIVELY crowd and the
    place was ROCKIN!!!
    All the other ‘reviews’ have pretty much SUMMED UP what I
    want to say…will touch on a ‘few’ particulars…
    Neil wore a blue/grey shirt & black slacks…HANDSOME as
    ALWAYS!! Set list was the same with PLAY ME added (one of
    my faves)…he picked not one, but 2 gals from the front
    row for ‘Girl’…they were BOTH jumping with EXCITEMENT!!
    He sure gave them MEMORIES to LAST A LIFETIME!
    (And, yes, I admit that portion was BETTER than I had
    anticipated)…the band/orchestra was PHENOMENAL and the
    crowd GRATEFULLY acknowledged them and their talents!
    The ‘piano segment’ was TOUCHING & HEARTWARMING!!
    The only ‘negative’ part…TIME WENT BY WAY TOO FAST!!!
    This concert definitely ranks in MY TOP 5!!!
    To those FORTUNATE enough to see MORE THAN ONE concert
    during this tour…YOU’RE SO LUCKY & I’M SO ENVIOUS!!!
    NEIL FOREVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



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