Moline, Illinois - Mark of the Quad Cities

Oct 24, 2001

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  1. Maverick
    Set List — Moline, 10/24
    Thu Oct 25 10:29:44 2001

    The set list was exactly the same as it has been lately.

    What an incredible show! I’ll post my review later.

    SET LIST — Moline, 10/24

    Mission of Love
    Solitary Man
    Cherry, Cherry
    Red, Red, Wine
    I’m a Believer
    If You Know What I Mean
    Beautiful Noise
    Girl, You’ll Be A Woman Soon
    I Haven’t Played This Song in Years
    You Are The Best Part of Me
    At the Movies
    I Believe in Happy Endings
    Forever In Blue Jeans
    Band Intro — Starflight
    Cptn. Sunshine
    Holly Holy
    Sweet Caroline (w/ 2 repeats)
    You Don’t Bring Me Flowers
    Yes I Will (at piano)
    Lady Mag (at piano)
    Yes I Will (at piano)
    He Ain’t Heavy, He’s My Brother
    I Am, I Said (walk-off)

    Cracklin’ Rosie
    Brother Love
    America (reprise)


  2. Joan R.
    Thu Oct 25 05:16:49 2001

    originally posted Thu Oct 25 01:50:45 2001

    Just had to get on the hotel web access at an ungodly hour to tell every one what an awesome show tonight. Neil has topped the Movie Album tour. His voice was wonderful, i thought i was listening to my cd’s at home. He was warm and genours [sp]. And a wonderful group of “I am I said” fans had the front row and sides of the arena covered. Neil looked glad to see so many faithful fans there. Headed to St Paul, Minn. the fans will love him there. Thank you Neil!!


  3. DianaW
    Diamond delivers a gem of an act
    Thu Oct 25 06:01:54 2001

    Those are the headlines in our QC Times here this morning. And I can honestly say he did! From the time Neil rose up and began singing America to the end with Brother Love he had the audience in the palm of his hand. By the end of America everyone was “standing up for America”. Neil’s voice was wonderful all evening. In Rockford the night before it was a little hoarse sounding in a few songs but at The Mark it was fabulous. There were three women who were the lucky ones tonight – from where I was sitting it looked like they had matching shirts on. What lucky ladies! Neil put so much into Yes I Will and Lady M. Thank you Neil! We had three college girls behind us and they were up and rocking through all of the songs when our section would. We were very lucky in that Neil acknowledged our signs throughout the evening and did sing quite a bit to our side. (The other side of the audience was a little more quiet – maybe that had something to do with it). Our seats were in the first row of the lower bowl on the side and were fantastic. During Sweet Caroline Neil held up Marianne’s signs and I am sure she was thrilled. This was my 4th concert this tour and it was the best. I enjoyed seeing other fans I have met along the way since ’92 when I began attending Neil’s concerts and met new fans also. What a magical night! Well I guess I will now come back to reality and back to the everyday world. No, maybe I will just keep a part of last night with me for a long, long time. Thank you Neil!


  4. Maverick
    Concert Review – STAND UP MOLINE
    Thu Oct 25 15:11:46 2001

    THE SHOW — 5 stars

    What an incredible show! Neil and the band/orchestra were in top form last night in Moline, but unfortunatly the vast majority of the crowd was not (see below). From the opening chords of America, to the last notes of Brother Love, the near capacity crowd at the Mark was treated to what can only be described as 2 hrs. and 10 minutes of pure entertainment!

    Like many on this message board, my girlfriend and I had been eagerly anticipating Neil’s stop in Moline. We were certainly not disappointed. Although I have not been to as many of Neil’s concerts as some have, I think that the set list for this tour is without a doubt the best I have seen (notwithstanding the fact that Song Sung Blue, September Morn, and Play Me were not included). Neil’s voice sounded incredible last night, almost like listening to the original recordings!

    Here are the highlights (from my perspective). Neil got things off to a start with a heart-pounding, foot-stomping rendition of America. A string of his greatest hits followed, capped off by a fantastic rendition of “If You Know What I Mean”. After he played some of the new songs from TCO, he pulled the audience back to its feet with a rocking version of “Forever in Blue Jeans”.

    After the band intro, Neil did three of the strongest songs of the night, in my opinion. First, the emotionally-charged “Captain Sunshine”, the first time that I have ever had the pleasure of hearing this song live. Then, Neil charged into “Holly Holy”, bringing parts of his congregation to their feet once more for a foot-stomping, hand-clapping revival. The sing-a-long anthem “Sweet Caroline” followed, including the obligatory repeats.

    “Yes I Will” and “Lady M” were two of the highlights of the evening. Although many in the crowd were unfamiliar with these songs, it was clear that the long-time fans loved every minute of this medley.

    Neil’s tribute to America’s heroes, “He Ain’t Heavy, He’s My Brother”, and his own anthem “I Am…I Said” were quite possibly the strongest and most compelling live performences of these songs that I have ever witnessed. After the “walkoff” Neil returned to close out the show with a rolicking, on your feet, “we need you for this one”, sing-a-long of “Cracklin’ Rosie” followed by “Brother Love” and a brief reprise of “America”.

    Overall, an absolutely incredible show. We can’t wait for him to come back to the area; “Good Times Never Seemed So Good”!

    THE CROWD — 1 star

    Although I have not been to nearly as many of Neil’s shows as many who read this message board, I was apalled at the overall lack of enthusiasm displayed by what can only be described as an “older crowd”. I was expecting the predictable stand-up/sit-down of a Catholic mass, but instead got a crowd intent on remaining in their seats until Neil practically begged them to stand.

    Don’t get me wrong…I know that there were people standing up throughout the Mark and having a great time. God Bless you all!!! Especially those in the first couple rows directly in front of the stage, and the large group of fans seated in the lower bowl on Neil’s right. You guys were great!

    Having previously seen Neil perform numerous times at Hilton Colesium, in Ames, and having read all the wonderful reviews from other cities, I was also expecting the crowd at the Mark to create such a thunderous ovation that we would blow the roof off. Instead, most songs were greeted with only polite applause.

    Also, hardly anyone was standing up for many of the traditional, fast-paced, sing-a-long anthems. Unbelievably, many people in my section (sec. 210) did not even stand up during “America” until prompted by Neil (“Stand up for America…”). No one in the upper bowl stood up for “Holly Holy”, and only clusters of people were on their feet in the lower bowl and floor seats.

    Neil practicly had to drag people out of their seats for “Forever In Blue Jeans”, and people seated around me and my girlfriend complained when everyone stood up for “Sweet Caroline”! If you can’t stand up and dance for “Sweet Caroline”, when can you stand up??? The woman (prob. in her early 70’s) sitting next to me switched seats with her son because she said I was clapping too much! How can you clap too much at a Neil Diamond concert???

    During “Brother Love”, Neil was back-lit by a large spotlight which shone directly at our section. Although it was bright, it was certainly not blinding. When I turned to look at the row behind me, I found that all the senior citizens were holding their coats over their heads!!! They remained that way until the song ended.

    Anyway, I was disappointed in the crowd. Perhaps my expectations were too high based on previous concerts, although I don’t think that this is the case. Next time Moline, don’t be afraid to stand up, let your hair down, and have a great time with Neil and and band.


  5. Jean
    About last night’s concert in Moline
    Thu Oct 25 17:54:11 2001

    This was my first concert for this tour. This was my 97th Neil concert and it was the best overall concert I’ve seen. We had front row seats. I’ve had front row seats quite a few times before but these were different. It was like I was viewing a whole new Neil.The show is so well balanced. It’s has just the right amount of old songs and new songs, just the right amount of patriotism, just the right amount of sincerity, humbleness, as well as humor. Then add to that the awesome stage setup, the horns, the strings, the dedication to Vince – it just makes for the best show I’ve seen.

    Oh yea, can’t forget Neil himself. He looks the best he’s looked in 20 years. His hair looks so good, he’s in shape and most noticeable of all is that he appears to be so happy. I attribute most of the above to Rachel. She has been so good for him.

    When he sat down at the piano, we were just to his right, and you could just see the concentration in his whole body. It was as if Neil was alone in that big arena. I was in just awe, someone could have carried me off and I probably would not have known it. Sitting there watching him play and sing Yes I Will and Lady Magdelene, it is very obvious that Neil is truly performing those songs for his fans. To see Neil’s eyes tear up during Captian Sunshine was very sad. Even after 3 weeks of singing that song for Vince, he is still very emotional.

    The Girl You’ll Be A Woman Soon part was soooo sweet! The girl he pointed to was actually a very good friend of mine from Des Moines. When she went up to the stage, so did her mother and anothe woman. Neil sang to all three of them, held their hands and kissed them on the cheeks, except for Nancy (friend from Des Moines) who he kissed on her lips. Then at the end all four of them did a beautiful group hug! It was very nice. It truly could not have happened to a nicer person.

    Heading to St Paul and looking forward to two more shows and then in two weeks is Omaha. Looking forward to them but at the same time not wanting them to get here because then it will all be over too quick.

    Here’s hoping that every Neil fan reading this gets to experience one of these shows very soon. They are absolutely incredible!!


  6. Dave
    2nd concert
    Fri Oct 26 11:49:07 2001

    originally posted on Fri Oct 26 10:45:53 2001

    A day has passed since the moline concert and I am still shocked. I saw Neil for the first time on the 99 tour and was blown away, but I did notice on that tour that he talked some of his songs and his voice wasn’t quite as strong as on my Love at the Greek tape, but I wasn’t going to complain I figured it was just age and years of touring it was still awesome! I have said to friends I wish I could have seen Neil in the 70’s but I was to young since I was born in 69. But now there is no need that concert the othernight put everything I could have imagined to shame his voice is as strong as I have ever heard on any tape or cd. Neil is quite simply the finest entertainer alive and I thank him for giving some of us younger fans a chance to see him live, and he shows us what a real concert is all about! I will attend every concert I can until he retires and I will continue to drag my friends along like I did the othernight so I can watch the expression on there faces when they are blown away. I don’t know what Neil did between this tour and the last but it’s night and day and I hope he doesn’t change a thing. I had to get this out somewere thanks for listening. Dave


    Mon Oct 29 08:48:49 2001

    QUAD-CITY TIMES Oct. 25, 2001

    Review: Neil Diamond delivers a gem of an act

    I wrote this review on the back of a Dixie cup.

    The Neil Diamond that Will Ferrell salaciously skewers on “Saturday Night Live” and commercials for The Gap was not on stage Wednesday night at The Mark of the Quad-Cities, Moline.

    In his place was a 60-year-old veteran of 31/2 decades in the music business as a singer-songwriter Diamond earnestly delivered the music, albeit with 30 more years of life experience under his belt.

    In an opening beefed up since the Sept. 11 tragedy, Diamond performed “America” with an almost hymn-like opening, inserting the words, “Stand up for America,” in the chorus.

    By the end of the second song, Diamond acknowledged, “we were the first band to play in this building.” He paused, “way back in 1942.” (Make that 1993, Neil. The Quad-Cities won’t soon forget.)

    In his first two shows opening The Mark eight years ago, Diamond sold out both nights. He returned in 1998 to another full house, and this time came a scant 100 tickets from another sellout.

    With an energetic 17-piece band — including four beautiful string section females and a four-man horn section decked out in matching bowling shirts — Diamond plowed through his hits of the 1960s, ’70s and ’80s, as well as songs he’d written for others.

    His “I’m a Believer” was a romp, and “Red, Red Wine” changed mid-stream from a ballad to the UB40 reggae riff it became.

    In a heartbeat, Diamond jumped from a serious ballad, like “Solitary Man” to a groovin’ “Cherry, Cherry” that had everyone on stage swaying in unison.

    Diamond urged the crowd to its feet several times for songs including, “Forever in Blue Jeans,” “Holly Holy” and an extended chorus of “Sweet Caroline.”

    He played selections off his newest album, “Three Chord Opera,” released last summer and written entirely by him.

    They were well received, even “At the Movies,” arguably the corniest song of his career.

    Although Diamond fans are some of the most devoted in pop music, even they must admit he occasionally lays an egg. But none of those were evident in his concert Wednesday night.

    Diamond’s onstage schtick — serenading fans on “Girl, You’ll be a Woman Soon” and holding up cue cards for “Sweet Caroline — is endearing, without going overboard into the schmaltzy showmanship portrayed by Ferrell in the recent series of Gap commercials.

    Diamond has more than paid his dues in the last 35 years and deserves every bit of applause that came his way from the fans at The Mark.

    David Burke can be contacted at (563) 383-2400 or



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