Columbus, Ohio - Schottenstein Center

Nov 08, 1998

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  1. Oh, what a glorious night! Neil opened our brand new Schottenstein Center on the first leg of his Movie Album tour, and his first Columbus performance since 1971. We were over the top with excitement as Neil appeared in his glittery red shirt, black slacks in the Round! Wow–such a special night for the city and VERY SECIAL NIGHT to see Neil in our home town! No less than a broadway premier. He was welcomed with incredible emotion from tearfully devoted, proud fans–his voice immediately saturating the rafters of this beautiful site – exploding onto the stage in magnificent form – we were mesmerized as he floated from one lovely ballad to another, including so many of our old favorites. I, for one, do love the standards from that album. Ah, it was a night to remember. One small glitch; promoters had not planned well for parking needs. As the show ended, thousands of exhilerated fans left the structure only to see hundreds of their autos being towed and tail lights flashing as far as one could see–as they had parked anywhere an empty spot presented itself–needless to say, that problem was dealt with immediately – but was none the less a good laugh–who cared? What was a mere empoundment fee to see Neil Diamond? AND,we must have been pretty darned good – he came back to open his TCO tour in 2001! Columbus loves you, Neil!



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