Denver, Colorado - McNichols Arena

Nov 12, 1996

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  1. This was the “faith restored” concert for me (the first night). His previous concert in Denver I had skipped. The one before that, Neil had, in my estimation, lost his voice. He growled and yelled the words more than singing them, and I’d decided I would love his past work and hope that new albums might be good, but I was done with concerts. I don’t go to many anyway, so that was part of it; I just didn’t like “the scene” of crowds, parking, money, etc. involved.

    This show was near my birthday so my cousin bought my ticket because she didn’t know that I’d sworn off. We went. I think, THINK, the opening song may have been Headed Toward the Future. Never a favorite, and so I was steeled for the worst. However, that lasted about one minute into the next song, and from there on out, I was hooked again! Whatever he did in the two or three years leading up to this tour, it worked. On the way out of the show, we stopped at the box office to see if there was anything left for the second night. There was; the very last (top) row, nosebleed territory, behind the stage. We took those seats, and had a blast the next night. The rear view was still as good as ever, and he even made a comment about how “lucky” we all were (he was being sort of sarcastically funny) to have “unadulterated butt views”. Worth the fear of falling face forward down the tier, I’ll tell you! I’ve been at every show I could be since then…in large part due to a travelling pal I met on the Sony board shortly thereafter. (Thanks, JR!)



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