Perth, Australia - Burswood Dome

Apr 18, 1996

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  1. Neil Diamond’s performance at The Burswood Dome on 18 April 1996 was sheer Diamond entertainment at it’s best.

    There was a large crowd in attendance, as you would expect at a Neil Diamond concert, but once everyone was seated it all went off without a hitch. The people paid to be entertained and entertainment is exactly what they got!

    I had gone to the concert wanting to hear “live” some of the songs that I first heard as a kid. I wasn’t disappointed! I got to hear the songs I wanted to hear! eg. Sweet Caroline, for one. Fantastic!

    The excitement generated by the event was electric. The fans really loved it. A girl in front of me (About 18) was particularly enthusiastic. She stood up singing to all the familiar tunes and added her own improvised actions. She was really having a ball! In addition to the concert being great, seeing that girl having so much fun is something that I’ll always remember about being there.

    The Burswood Dome is a wonderful venue. It is right next to The Burswood Casino and Hotel. It is located on the beautiful Swan River, virtually within walking distance of Perth city. The Hopman Cup tennis tournament is just one of the many events that are staged in the Burswood Dome.

    Neil Diamond concert organisers picked a top venue, there was plenty of parking, there were plenty of fans, there was great entertainment and I’m sure it was a wonderful
    night out for all who attended.

    Eddie O’Hara.



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