Birmingham, England - National Exhibition Centre

Nov 08, 1989

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  1. It had been a long wait but neil was back in birmingham after almost seven years but boy was it worth the wait . The tickets was a birthday present along with myself their was my girlfriend at the time julie along with my brother neil god rest is soul & mandy neils girlfriend .We get to the arena about 630 have a look round julie buys me a tour sweatshirt witch i still have to this day neil and mandy buy me a teeshirt i still have but no longer fits so its nice and safe . The ‘thing i remember most was neils opening number the band play a medley of neils songs .Then is it stan miller says them wonderful words ladies & gentlemen neil diamond then neil shouts out hello again birmingham and goes into sky bird he does all the hits and songs from the best years of our life . once again neil shows the rest of them with respect how to put a show on a truly fantastic show and a great birthday present for me .frankmc birmingham england .



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