Kansas City, Missouri - Kemper Arena

Dec 10, 1985

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  1. My drive ended up being solo. There was an incredible snow storm that scared off some people.

    there was this huge caravan of Neil’s equipment truck, followed by about 8 or so cars packed with Neilfans. We drove straight through and there must have been little time to spare for Diamondville to set up.

    The concert itself started about 45 minutes late because of weather. The crowd took a long time to melt.

    At the end of YDBMF a woman offered Neil a Handkercheif to wipe his brow. He made a comment about giving it back to her and that it was kind of gross. There was also a huge truck driver who offered one as well. It was hysterical.

    When Neil sang FIBJ the crowd offered a tepid applause. I stood up from 10th row and yelled out “one more time”. Neil responded by making more than a little fun of me and then singing the song like four more times.

    The crowd went nuts and didn’t sit down for the rest of the entire show. It was great fun.



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