Ames, Iowa - Hilton Coliseum

Dec 09, 1985

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  1. Who knew such strange and wonderful people existed. It started with a phone call from Jean about buying tickets in St Paul to trade for tickets in Ames.

    I drove to Ames – got a speeding ticket btw. Met several fans that night. Neil performed HFTF for the first time and for an opening song. We were in the front row and all of us dancing as Neil took the stage. One over-zealous fan was dancing in an extreme way (okay, that sounds funny coming from me) and managed to give me a nose bleed.

    Thankfully Jean had a kleenex.

    I consider this still to be in my top ten concert experiences, Awesome.

    There was among the group someone with tow extra tickets to KC Dec 10. She gave them to me is I would drive other to the show. For more see KC Dec 10.



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