Dublin, Ireland - Croke Park

Jun 30, 1984

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  1. It ws on beautiful June evening in 1984 that myself and 6 soon to be Diamond fans arrived at Croke Park for Neil Diamonds first appearance in Ireland.
    The atmosphere among concert goers was hugely expectant of Neil to deliver the quality and feeling of the live albums released to date.
    A crowd of 45,000 rose to their feet at 8.45pm to Neil and bands opening song “STREET LIFE”.
    For_the next 2 and a half hours Neil played most of hits including Heartlight backed by thousand of fans lighters,songs from the soon to be released Primitive album.
    Other standout moments were the Jonathan Livingston Seagull set with Laser light show.
    Forever in blue Jeans reprised 4 times to meet audience demands.

    The band gave an instrumental version of My Favourite Things,with the vocal backing of 45,000 Irish singers.

    Sweet Caroline had everyone swaying as usual,it seemed whole stands in the arena were swinging from their foundations.

    Owing to the amount of Flash photography,Neil suggested everyone should get their camera out for a picture and give them a rest for the remainder of the show.

    Brother Love Travelling Show finished off the show on a high.

    As an avid Diamond fan since 1975 I hoped the concert would live up to expectations and prove that the Hot August Night live album quality was possible from every Neil Diamond concert.

    This Neil and his band delivered beyond our wildest expectations.

    My friends and I left the stadium in high spirits.

    Even though I have been to many wonderful concerts each time Neil Has played in Ireland,I will always remember the warm may night in 1984 that remains the best concert I have ever attended over 30 years experiencing live acts



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