Chicago, Illinois - Chicago Stadium

Apr 28, 1983

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  1. May 28,1982 Chicago IL Chicago Stadium After seeing Neil in concert in Atlanta, she checked the hotline frequently to see where he would be next. Chicago was on the hotline. The Jazz singer songs were fantastic. Again, she didn’t want to leave when it was over. Oh, please, please just one more song…After arriving back in the Quad Cities she tried her best to think of a way she could go back to Chicago for one more show but just couldn’t come up with a way.Everyone at the show was so excited! There were candles and lighters during I AM I SAID and flags waving during AMERICA. AN awesome experience! A fan on her row tried to get to the stage where she could see him but was ushered back to her seat. Neil danced, sang, and joked. He said just the right words. It was amazing. He did sing DANCING IN THE STREETS. While driving with her in-laws to visit relatives in Clinton, IA, WGN was playing an interview with Neil on his career.



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