Atlanta, Georgia - Omni

Mar 01, 1982

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  1. 1982-On the Way to the Sky Tour
    March 1-2,1982 Atlanta GA
    The reality of seeing Neil in concert took place on March 1& 2, 1982 for Darleen. Her husband, lovingly & patiently stood with her in line ALL DAY in pouring down rain at the OMNI for tickets. Of coarse, when they finally arrived at the ticket window the only ones left were in the nosebleed section for each night. (She didn’t know about camping out, scalpers, & that tickets sometimes appeared magically. They took the nosebleed tickets without hesitation. She was awestruck during the shows. She hadn’t felt so alive nor had sooooooooooo much fun in a very long time. After seeing the show for the first time, she knew the last row from the top was not where she wanted to be. When the shows were over, she didn’t want to leave. It is probabaly a very good thing that Darleen had young children at home & a loving husband otherwise she without a doubt would of left town to follow Neil around saying WOW! That week she went out and bought every Neil Diamond record she could find. Fortunately, for her, the Atlanta Journal Newspaper printed the HOT LINE phone number & The F.O.N.D. membership address in their review after those first two shows. So she would call periodically to see where Neil would be in concert. Her husband, an engineer who at that time did start up jobs all over the country. Whenever she would get the urge for a show, she would ask her husband to see if there was any work in the area that Neil would be doing a show. If there was, they were off for a great time. Each time she got more experienced at buying tickets. A major improvement from the nosebleed section at her first two shows. When the show was over I knew without a doubt I NEVER wanted to be so far away from the stage again!!!! I was blown away by the whole experience.



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