Pocatello, Idaho - Idaho State University Minidome

Nov 14, 1970

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  1. The Speculum

    November 20, 1970

    Good Words, Fine Music
    Neil Diamond Concert:
    By Chris Talkington

    When he was good, he was very good. When he quit singing, it was as well to stop listening.

    Neil Diamond and company provided the smoothest sound to yet adorn our Minidome Saturday night. Despite an echo problem, 8,000 people filled the seats and turf for over an hour of good, gutty music. According to Minidome Director Mike King, “If was twice the turnout, compared with other concerts.”

    For an hour before Diamond came on, a professional entertainer provided necessary laughs and atmosphere preceding the main attraction. Apparently it wasn’t enough.

    When the Master’s time came, the audience was well-fed with the sound that made him the apostle he is. However, we also got a comedian for the same price. With the accompanying quality bass, piano, drums and twelve-string guitar, who really needs more?

    Sounds of “Holly Holy” and “Thank the Lord for the Nighttime” resonated through the crowds, but none with the gusto of good ole’ “Cracklin’ Rose.” He went from loud to quiet with the touch of someone who knew he was good and wasn’t afraid to show it.

    Here’s hoping Neil comes back for more support from avid Neil fans. But please, next time leave the joke book at home.



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