Syracuse, New York - Syracuse War Memorial

Nov 07, 1970

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  1. You have the venue listed as Syracuse University. It was in fact, at the Syracuse War Memorial.

    It was the first of Neil’s concerts I ever attended. The back up musicians were hired locally and there was a warm-up act. It was a comic named Albert Brooks. He later went on to act, write and direct in the film industry.

    The concert was about 1 hour long and played to a less-than sold out arena. It was the last concert I ever attended that was not sold out. I have been to dozens of his shows, the last being Worchester, Mass in September of 2002.

    He played all of his early numbers including Solitary Man, The Boat That I Row, Cherry, Cherry, Shilo, etc.

    After the show, Neil, my wife and I went back to the round Holiday Inn, downtown, and had a couple of beers. When I asked Neil if he was happy on the road, he said he was but he didn’t know if his recording career would last. He then added that if it didn’t, he could always fall back on his writing.

    As they say, the rest is history!



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