St. Louis, Missouri - Kiel Opera House

Jan 16, 1970

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  1. St. Louis Globe-Democrat

    January 17, 1970

    Diamond Gets Warm Reception in Kiel Show
    By Robert Holden

    Guitar-strumming vocalist Neil Diamond performed before about 1,000 aging teen-agers and young adults Friday evening at Kiel Opera House.

    His program of ballads and loud country rock songs included the current hit, “Holly Holy,” along with past hits, “Solitary Man” and “Sweet Caroline.”

    The handsome, slim-hipped native of Brooklyn was backed by drums and two amplified guitars. The two guitarists, one of them a girl, Carol Hunter, also supplied vocal harmonizing to Diamond’s renditions.

    Sensitive in his ballads and hard-driving on his rock tunes, Diamond was warmly received by his youthful admirers–many of whom appeared to be affectionate couples.

    Preceding Diamond on the bill was Albert Brooks, a fresh-faced comedian not much older than his audience. He is so new that he was able to introduce the act, walk off stage and reappear to startled applause.

    Brooks has appeared on the “Tonight” show and “The Dean Martin Show” on TV recently.


  2. Two Bit Manchild
    I Got The Feelin’
    Solitary Man
    Thank The Lord For the Night Time
    You’re So Sweet
    Holly Holy
    Sweet Caroline
    Cherry Cherry
    repeat Cherry Cherry
    Kentucky Woman
    Brooklyn Roads
    Brother Love’s Traveling Salvation Show
    (walk off)



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